Monday, 3 August 2015

Shocking erotic fantasies

Men's sexual fantasies

Erotic fantasies men simply unpredictable. They dream about oral sex with a man and a woman. The game is not limited to the three partners at

the same time (may be an orgy). During sex, sex toys can be present, for both men and women.

Some men get turned on the idea of ​​group anal sex. But they are not recognized in their fantasies that they are not considered homosexuals. You

can not condemn a man for his imagination. After all, they are not subject to rules or any canons.

Others dream of men to rape another man. These thoughts come to mind, even men with traditional orientations. And sometimes they want to be a

victim of violence.

But the man who fantasizes about sex with animals and children suffering from serious mental disorders.

Women's sexual fantasies

Some of the girls are willing to stay in the role of a prostitute and become a member of "group sex". Their gets the idea that they will perform

the whim of men. Girls can present itself as a slave, serving customers throughout the night.

Women dream of becoming porn actresses and withdraw its home sex video. It may be excited by the fact that she was being watched during sex.

Sometimes you want to play in lesbian love.